About Us

Happy Butts🍑, Happy Trees🌎

“Nobrainer” is something, especially a choice or decision, that is so obvious or easy as to require little or no thought. 

We believe that doing better for our Earth and for ourselves is a Nobrainer situation. Hence, the birth of Nobrainer bamboo toilet paper, our first baby. 

We aim to evolve and improve everyday essentials that are familiar and necessary to us with an earth-first mindset. We're creating products that will allow us to help, not harm our planet without sacrificing lifestyles. 

We invite you to take part in our happy journey!

Magic of "BAMBOO"

Obviously, for happy butts, happy trees!

Fact #1

Did you know bamboo is technically a grass? 

It's a renewable source and the world's strongest, fastest growing plant - specific species of bamboo can grow up to a meter in one day (incredible!!) and reach maturity in 4-6 years tops. Mother Earth at it's best. To put it into perspective, it takes decades (20-50 years) for trees to re-grow. 

Fact #2

27,000 trees are cut down every day just for the production of toilet paper. DAILY, AND they can’t even be recycled. Bamboo paper is recyclable (+biodegradable) helping reduce the negative impact on trees and the environmental effects of deforestation. 

Fact #3

When bamboo is cut, the stem is left in the soil to birth new shoots, quickly restarting the growth process. When trees are cut down, a stump typically remains and over the course of about three years, the roots of a dead tree become increasingly ineffective increasing soil erosion. Bamboo protects the environment as it grows and helps reduce soil erosion. 

Fact #4

Bamboo benefits the environment releasing 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere, absorbing more CO2 in comparison to other plants.

We call this bamboo magic - overall it offers us hope and more good. Virgin trees around the world are being cut down at a speed we can't even imagine, precisely why the main ingredient of Nobrainer toilet paper is 100% pure bamboo. As we like to say: "Easy Switch, Big Impact."